A Rebrand for Southpaw Creative

Jan 16, 2015 · Updates

Southpaw Rebrand Preview

Today I am excited to announce a complete rebranding for Southpaw Creative.

We’ve had a solid first two years, during which the studio has grown from a desk in the corner of a living room to a full-fledged operation. But with our third year looming, I started to feel as though our branding fell short of accurately representing who we are and what we have become. So we set out on a rebranding process in order to create a new logo and identity that would uniquely capture our personality and values.

After stepping back from our old look, we knew we wanted the new brand to pick up visual queues from the source of the studio’s name: baseball. We surveyed the visual history of the sport and honed in on two visual components that we found most compelling: the scripted lettering of team names and cities as well as the stark, striped patterns of the field itself (which are created by special mowers).

Southpaw Rebrand Baseball Scripts Grass Pattern

A sampling scripts and grass patterns

Referencing decades of uniforms, we first explored a scripted approach to our own name and, during that process, we decided to start paving the proverbial cowpaths and focus the new logo primarily on the word “Southpaw” (which is how most people refer to us conversationally). After much sketching, refining, crumpling, and reworking, we landed a fantastic, hand-rendered (and flexible) solution with invaluable input from illustrator Mike Costelloe.

Southpaw Rebrand Logo Variations

Full suite of logo variations

Southpaw Rebrand Script Process

A window into the process

Next, we focused on our color palette. Our old palette primarily made use of black and white with a single, teal accent. For the rebrand, we wanted to build a stronger association between the identity and a specific color. Returning to the grass, we reduced the palette to a single green that has a distinctive presence when used as a solid color or pattern.

Southpaw Rebrand Logo Suite Logo Suite

Logo suite on solid and patterned backgrounds

In the end, we achieved our goal; we built an impactful logo within a unique system that can have a strong presence in any application.

Southpaw Rebrand Printed Materials 01

Business cards & social notes

Southpaw Rebrand Printed Materials 02

Identity components

If your business or organization would benefit from a process like this, please get in touch and we can start rethinking and revitalizing your brand.