May 20, 2013 · New Work

This installment of New Work is a bit unusual, as I was both the designer and client. The solution offers a both professional look and a fun image that combines a record and a unique holding shape for the logotype (inspired by a guitar pick-up).

So why bother launching a service like this for a specific sector when web is something already offered by Southpaw? Well, our team identified that musicians often have a need for specific types of marketing and promotion that are often tackled (with mediocre results) in a DIY fashion due to lack of funds.

You know what, I’ll just let them take over:

“No DIY time suck. No DIY learning curve. No DIY mediocre results. Play your music and let the BANDPAK Marketing & Web Roadies take care of the rest.”

Bandpak Logo

Logo based on a vinyl record and a guitar pickup

Bandpak Postcard


Bandpak Website Icons

Suite of icons used on the website and other promo materials

Bandpak Website