Limited Times

Sep 30, 2014 · New Work

Durationator Logo

Logo for the Durationator

As a member of Propeller’s Pro Bono Professional Network, I donate design services to one of the fellows in their Accelerator Program every year. In 2013, Propeller paired me with a budding venture called Limited Times.

As a progressive law firm that was initially launched and incubated at Tulane’s Law School, Limited Times seeks to provide legal solutions to broad community challenges. Presently, they are getting their first project, The Durationator, ready for primetime. In their words, The Durationator is “a software tool that will allow users to easily and affordably determine the copyright status of works worldwide.”

I was brought in to create an overarching identity (logo, fonts, colors, etc.) for Limited Times, as well as an additional treatment for the Durationator. We landed on an solution that feels both powerful and professional and is augmented with a quirky icon for use with the Durationator.

Limited Times Primary Logo

Primary logo with tag line

Durationator Logo

Logo for the Durationator

Limited Times Durationator Logo Southpaw 03

Alternate logo uses and components

All in all, this is a remarkable venture that has the potential to change the legal landscape, and I look forward to seeing the launch of the Durationator as well as their future projects.

Special thanks to Geoff Coats, of Line 58, who served as a mentor for Limited Times, and contributed strategy and feedback to the design process.

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