Markey’s FC

Oct 10, 2015 · Just for Fun

Markeys FC Logo Bar

Our post-game hangout and namesake (photo by Mike Feroni)

When I’m not graphic designing (or watching movies) I play on a recreational soccer team that is sponsored by one my favorite neighborhood watering holes: Markey’s Pub in the Bywater. We have quite a bit of fun playing, but we’re not so great when it comes to results.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to spruce up our branding a bit so that we at least appear more serious and professional. And who knows; maybe that’ll psyche out our opponents. Or at least confuse them by making them think “Whoa, those guys look amazing.” Any edge you can get right?

I started the process by surveying logos from club teams across Europe and the Americas. While the level of design was all over the map, I did find myself being most drawn to crest and circular logos, both of which seem to be omnipresent no matter what country you’re in.

While I do love me some interlocking letters, focused more on the crest and banner forms. A first pass yielded decent results (and some opportunity for silly Latin phrases)

In the end, decided to ditch the banners in order to create a more self-contained mark. After borrowing some ideas from the Barcelona crest (talk about aiming high!) as a starting point, I took another pass through, merging some of the above visual tropes (a soccer ball, stripes, a drink!)  and then limited the design to a single color so our jerseys wouldn’t cost a fortune.

And here’s where we landed…

Ok, so this probably won’t strike fear into the hearts of our opponents, but we are getting a little better every game, so maybe it doesn’t have to. But we sure do look good, and we’re definitely better at drinking than the rest of those teams.