New Website Sections & One-Year Anniversary

Nov 07, 2013 · Updates

Almost a year ago, I sent out emails to everyone I know (and some people I didn’t) to announce that I would be launching a new studio focusing on brand building and graphic design. Twelve months later Southpaw Creative is still a fully functioning business with computers, invoices, staplers, and everything.

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve revamped the Southpaw website to include two new sections: a Work area that showcases some of the great projects we’ve completed over the past year and a Services page that details both our process and skill sets.

Given these new sections, the nature of this blog will be shifting a bit. I will still be posting new work here periodically, but it will be mostly confined to smaller projects and process work. Also, after completing the final installment of the Brand Foundation series, I’ll be starting a new series about my creative process as it’s applied to different project types.

Special thanks to all of my great clients and talented collaborators (look for their credits on the individual project pages) who have made this year such a great success.