New Work


May 20, 2013

This installment of New Work is a bit unusual, as I was both the designer and client. The solution offers a both professional look and a fun image that combines a record and a unique holding shape for the logotype (inspired by a guitar pick-up). So why bother launching a service like this for a specific sector when web is something already offered by Southpaw? Well, our team identified that musicians often have a need for specific types of marketing and… (continue reading)

Open Tab

Mar 23, 2013

Today, I’m happy to announce new work for cocktail historian (and first Southpaw client) Elizabeth Pearce. When Elizabeth was looking to start a new blog to explore drinking culture in America, she came to me for naming and visual identity. After sifting through a litany of names (mostly from Ben Franklin’s exhaustive set of euphemisms for inebriation), we settled on Open Tab, as the term was instantly recognizable, ripe for visual imagery, and worked… (continue reading)