A little left of center and proud of it.

The Studio

Lee Domingue 02 Square

Southpaw Creative is a one-man design studio in New Orleans that specializes in naming, branding, and all sorts of creative problem solving usually associated with the term “design.”

Founded in 2012 by Lee Domingue, Southpaw works with clients of all sizes, stages, and sectors. Armed with a love of language and fonts as well as a silly sense of humor, Lee and his occasional collaborators deliver impactful results that are both strategically-aligned and compellingly-realized no matter the challenge at hand.


Mike Costelloe

Visual Identity and Illustration

Mike is an illustrator with a background in design and a relentless drive to sketch, paint, and generally make messes. He also loves whiskey.

Ben Gauslin

Web Development

Ben is a triple threat, working as a UX Engineer (at Google NYC) and a web developer by day before transforming into a slick, pan-genre drummer by night.


Carrie Williamson


Carrie focuses on copywriting and marketing, but is equally talented at festival-going and live music appreciation.