Great names speak volumes.


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Naming a business or line of products is a deceptively difficult task. Despite names being the most distilled component of a brand, many companies settle for names that are overly descriptive, trite, or just plain obvious. You shouldn't judge a book only by its cover, but if you treat your name as an afterthought, you will simply blend in with all the other books on the shelf.

We believe the best names are the ones that communicate something essential about who you are and where you’re headed. Our process focuses first on creating a series of strategic foundations in order to ensure we can capture that essence, followed by an exploration of as many ideas and approaches as possible. We then evaluate based on three basic questions: Is it impactful? Is it strategically aligned? Is it own-able?

Take control of your brand today, starting with your name.

What's included

  • An in-depth, collaborative session to develop brand foundations and messaging strategies;
  • A presentation of 5 viable name options, thoroughly explored and vetted for strategic alignment, impact, and own-ability;
  • Recommendations for top-level domains and social media handles for all presented options;
  • A PDF report covering basic trademark screening for all presented names.

Add-on Services

  • Revisions to presented options or additional round of exploration;
  • Trademark screening for states outside of Louisiana;
  • Translation screening, for organizations who need to consider non-English-speaking audiences.


  • Pricing starts at $1,600 per round.
  • Most projects require 3 to 4 weeks to complete.
  • Discounts are available to nonprofits working to better the New Orleans community.

Naming Projects